TransAtlantic Way 2019

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I have entered the TransAltantic Way 2019 which starts in Dublin on the 6th of June. It’s a non-stop, unsupported ‘race’ around the West coast of Ireland. Riders pick their own route between Dublin and Derry (about 230km) and then join a set route of 2100km that runs down the Atlantic coast of Ireland, finishing in Kinsale.

I’m aiming to ride somewhere around 300km a day. At night I will be doing a combination of bivvying and probably use some hotels or B&Bs. Last year’s winner averaged an insane 436.6 km per day and stopped for a total of 16hrs over 5 days.

All the riders will have a GPS tracking device so you can follow me live on the following site - Trackleaders It’s a bit like following cricket on Ceefax, but can become surprisingly addictive. If you start following along you are officially a ‘dotwatcher’. Feel free to send me messages of encouragement but please don’t expect a reply during the race!

I will be posting pictures and videos on Instagram as stories so you can see how insane I go. If you don’t have instagram you can still watch them online here: - just click on the picture of me in the top left to see everything I have posted in the last 24hrs.

I’m not doing it for charity, however if you are inspired or just confused by what I am doing, please consider a donation to one of the following charities.

Hackney Winter Night Shelter -


I’ll be riding a Fairlight Strael with DCR Wheels and an amazing set of custom made bags thanks to my friend Miles at Roswheel.


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